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Dear Friends,

SEA SCOUTS is a volunteer group Incorporated as a Non Profit Organization in Sri Lanka. It was started in 1932 June 15th by SEA SCOUTS Leader W.F. Abayekoon. He and former Leaders contribute their valuable time and money with the support of the parents to up keep the movement. Thousands of young Boys had the opportunity to experience the Sea Scouting and move to the society as law biding citizens.

1987 October 07th on his retirement I was appointed as the head of the organization. During the past years I was able to expand SEA SCOUTS to fishing villagers. giving an opportunity for the kids from less fortunate families. The program is free of charge. Few Non Profit Organizations offer the uniforms and traveling expenses to the kids. Six leaders volunteer their time for the training. I personally contribute to rebuild the Head Quarters building providing computer training facilities ect.

2009 January 19th middle of the night a single engine plan was flown in to the Inland Revenue Building of Sri Lanka by terrorist. The impact of the blast destroyed the SEA SCOUTS HQ situated less than one thousand feet from it.

This was a big blow to the SEA SCOUTS Org as we don’t have funds to rebuild the building. Over 750 Boys & Girls are not in a position to continue the training.

We would appreciate your contribution to rebuild the building and will keep you informed the progress. If you need any information Please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I promise you that every penny will be accounted and will publish in this website.


Yours in Sea Scouts,



Hiran Jayasinghe

National Commodore


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