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Sea Scouts sail with Young-entrepreneurs

In an effort to raise funds to support their sailing program, the Colombo Sea Scouts are adding enterprise education to the skills courses for their young sailors. Colombo Sea Scouting continues to offer young people responsible fun and adventure. They also instill in young people lifetime values and develop in them ethi­cal character as expressed in the Sea Scout Oath and Law.



How the Sea Scouts came into being 50 years ago

Felicitation Dinner today to honor Sea Scout Troop

Events- Island Paper – 16/8/1986


In 1932 a young man fresh from Kingswood College Kandy, had an idea. "With all the waterways around the Fort of Colombo, an attempt to form a Troop of Sea Scouts might not only be a possibility, but could soon become a reality".

Having scoured the area of the Beira Lake, a band of willing lads including children of British Army officers’ resident at the Army quarters at Galle Face were gathered together. The Vicar of Christ Church, Galle Face, and the Rev. C. W. Reeves were approached. He gladly allowed the use of the church premises and the first floor of the church bell tower as the Club house and meeting place. Rev. Reeves' son Cyril was himself a re­cruit and a start was made. More boys sought admission and the need for a good club house was imperative. A stretch of rough land, overgrown with wild trees and occupied by squatters, right from the Army married quar­ters on the then Lower Lake Road, ending up at the bridge near

Elephant House was discovered. The land came under the control of the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Being an army reservation, this came under the jurisdiction of the Chief Engineer, Royal En­gineers, then resident in Colombo.


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