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Skills Taught

Sailing, cruising
Marlinspike seamanship - use of line, knots and splicing
Piloting - learning the aids to navigation, reading charts
Rules of the Road
Small Boat handler
Radio - qualify for Marine radiotelephone F.C.C. operator license
Boat maintenance

Engines - maintenance of inboard and outboard engines
Maritime careers
Sailing - technique and parts of the boat
Boats - identification of boats, teaching and commanding a crew under oars and sail
Ground Tackle - anchoring, proper use of anchors, identification and use of fittings on board
Galley - learning to prepare food and to buy provisions for a long cruise
Safety - fire, man overboard, etc.
Sea History
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
State Safe Boating course
First Aid
Swimming, Lifesaving, SCUBA certification



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